Managing files in the computer is a big problem. Sometimes in a hurry, we download all the files like Videos, Pictures, Music, Email attachments on the desktop. We do not put them in the folder where they must be. Organizing files on the PC helps us to get the file easily we want. We should create various folders for a different type of files, like Documents, Music, Videos, etc. But, we feel lazy when we have to move/download files to these folders. So, to help you here is a software named “DropIt.”

DropIt helps you organize and manage your files. You can create different patterns for different file types. For example, if you want to have your music files into the folder Music, then just create a pattern for .mp3, .wav, etc. files. Whenever you want to move your file into the appropriate folder, just drag and drop it on the “DropIt” button. I find this software useful for me. Because I have a lot of files on my desktop.

Download: DropIt

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