Pressure from your team lead, Pressure from your group lead, Pressure from your HR, Pressure from your Manager. Pressure is all that you see at the office these days right? It is not just you who is suffering from this issue but pretty much anyone who is taking up an office job be it an IT based job or finance or anything. Getting burned out during work is becoming quite too common, and it is not a magnificent sign as well. So how do you keep yourself from feeling the heat of your job?
Perhaps the following tips can be of some help:

Are You Doing What You Really Want To Do?

That is more of a self-realization task and by doing so, a major problem can be addressed. Most of the time people hate their jobs because what they have taken up as their career choice and what their heart wants them to do are entirely different. This difference can cause further problems as your career progresses and no matter how much increment in salary or promotions your receive in your current job, your heart will still crave for the job you always wanted thereby causing a sense of dissatisfaction in your current job.

If possible try to change your current role to the one which you really want to do but make sure your stability is not affected by the move because today a well-settled job is not something everyone gets quickly.
If you can somehow learn to love your present job, then it is the best thing to do. But it is entirely understandable that accomplishing that task is the hardest thing to achieve. If you can somehow get inspiration from your peers or your seniors at work or perhaps if you can spend some time to discuss your lack of interest with your HR, then he or she can suggest you ways to improve your interest in work.

Adapt The Culture Of Your Office

One reason why you could feel burned out in your office is that you do not get along well with your office environment. It is not your mistake because an office environment is not something a fresher will be used to and you will have the feeling of a cow on ice when you start working. Everything would feel slippery and awkward, but if there is anyone who can rescue you in this scenario, it is you.

Try to fit into your office’s environment and make it feel home. You need to learn to earn respect from others, and the best way to do so is to converse with your peers. The more the number of people you get involved with in conversations, the less likely will you feel burned out in office.

A healthy environment with supportive peers often increases productivity, and this is the best way to start loving your job. If your company is something you do not like, then try to love the people working with you. They will keep you company for sure.

Bored? Have Some Fun

Sometimes no matter how easy your work might seem, it is natural to get bored. After all, most of the jobs you get involve doing a repetitive process and hence getting bored is no new thing. So once in a while get a break, play some chess, caroms, etc. or if you are a fan of physical exercise, then try your hand at squash or some table tennis.

Physical games could be played after office hours as you would never expect to sit in your office all covered in sweat and dirt. Just make sure you make time for such activities and get others to cooperate with you for such activities.

Getting some time off for such activities is important because continuous work will often lead to boredom as the saying goes “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Studies have shown that productivity of employees often increase when they are not under stress and when they get enough time to cool off their heads.

Drink, Drink And Drink

Well, it is not alcohol that is referred to as drink here but any other energy drink or sweetener that you like. Even if you love drinking water, then you can drink it as many times as you want to be provided you can adjust the time you spent at the loo. When you drink something you like, your body will be filled with vigor, and you will have enough energy and perhaps even more to do your job.

Got Something Finished? Time To Celebrate

Never forget to celebrate the joy of finishing something successfully. When a group project at the office is completed, or an individual achievement is accomplished, then you should plan and celebrate for at least a full evening.

Call your friends, family and whoever you like and party till your heart’s content. That is very motivating, and you will get a feeling to achieve better results for even bigger celebrations the next time.

At the end of the day, your company will easily find a replacement for you when you are all burned out, but it is you and your loved ones that will be the ones who lose the most. So make sure you find time to relax and enjoy and the above tips should be of great help for you.

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