Installing a custom recovery on the Google Nexus 6 is required if you are planning to root it on the latest Android M software update since you must access the recovery to flash the files.

Once you have the custom recovery image installed properly, you can then change the appearance and features by flashing a custom ROM, take better backups by taking a NANDroid backup instead of using third-party apps and install bonus apps from Google Play that otherwise weren’t available.

This is what you need to get TWRP installed on the Google Nexus 6 smartphone. It’ll mean you can then use the custom recovery image to flash more files than you otherwise would have had the chance to do from the stock recovery partition.


  • We only recommend installing this version of TWRP on the Google Nexus 6 and no other device from the Nexus range. It’s best to sought after a fresh guide for each device.
  • The guide comes with a warning that if you do flash this version of Team Win’s TWRP recovery on a different device other than the Nexus 6 it may brick the device. Moreover, you are voiding the warranty by following this guide.


  • Flashing custom recoveries is only for advanced Android users and shouldn’t be attempted if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • You need a Windows PC to complete this guide. Therefore, you should also update the Google USB Drivers on that same PC you are using. If you are having problems getting the connection to work, reboot the PC and try the guide again. Resetting the PC will have the drivers working.
  • Unlock the Developer Options menu: Settings > About Device > tap your finger on the build number 7 times.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode: Settings > Developer Options > check the USB Debugging option. Navigate out of there and the USB Debugging will remain on.
  • Enable the OEM Unlock from inside the Developer Options menu.


1. Download the One-Click tool here.

2. Completely shut off the Nexus 6 and reboot in Bootloader mode: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys simultaneously.

3. Extract the package on the desktop, and you should see the root-windows.bat file inside the file.

4. Plug the Google Nexus 6 into the computer now and run the root-windows.bat file. Now just follow the instructions you will see on the computer, and you’re done.

5. Now that you have the custom recovery image installed, you are ready to flash a custom ROM, take a NANDroid and root your Nexus 6.

The custom recovery image developed by Team Win is now installed on the Google Nexus 6. It’s the best custom recovery image that there is at the moment with others yielding development altogether to allow TWRP to flourish. It has the most features, and they are just all-around better—most notably the touch-based user interface that made ClockworkMod recovery up its game and create Philz Touch.