You can turn your PC into a complete entertainment center. Yes, you can. Microsoft introduced this function quite a while back. What this feature does is, it turns your PC into an entertainment system. It had all the nuances that you need to entertain yourself like recording and saving TV series and other stuff. It has seen some ups and downs; it had been a part of Windows Vista and 7 before. With Windows 8, it was completely banished from the operating system, although you were still able to buy it separately. That was curious and annoying.

As Windows 10 has brought us various surprises since the very first day, it also supports the Windows Media Centre. But, the catch is that you can’t install it on your PC nor is it included in the system.

Windows 10

Then why does it pack support for Windows Media Player? We are not so sure. Maybe a new Windows update might drop in something. Until then, you just can’t bore yourself to death! So we have an alternative to installing Media Center on Windows 10.

Installing Windows Media Center on Windows 10

  • Click here to download the zip file that contains the installation files.
  • When the download is completed, just unzip it.
  • Find the ‘_TestRights.cmd” file.
  • Right click on it and select the option “Run As Administrator”
  • Be patient as the installation proceeds.
  • Once it is over, restart your computer.
  • Now, go to the search-box in the Start Menu and type ‘Windows Media Center”
  • Click the result and there you have it! Lay back and enjoy!

Ending Note:

Be cautious that this is NOT an official method. It is not recommended by Microsoft. The downloaded files aren’t by Microsoft either. Be careful and do this on your own risk. I recommend to back up all your important stuff. Or, you can create a restore point in Windows.


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