The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is an advanced version of the Galaxy Grand Duos, a phone which makes it possible to work on two apps simultaneously without using the recent apps screen; you can use them side by side. Samsung is the first to introduce this multi-window feature on its phones with this very smart phone. But you know at that time the specs of Galaxy Grand Duos were the best, but now if you have a smartphone with RAM less than 1 GB, then your friends will laugh at you, so Samsung decided to upgrade Galaxy grand to a new level with better specs and multitasking. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has a 5.25 inch HD display (bigger than the previous one), 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM and improved camera as 8 MP for front and 1.9 MP for front-facing selfie camera.

I am a Samsung lover and also love the Touch WIz UI, there are lots f people who don’t think like you so if you don’t actually like Touch Wiz UI then I have a solution for you, install a custom ROM with Sony Xperia Z5 features and interface. Yes! You can do that just follow the steps provided below in this article, Don’t skip the points to remember you need also need to read them before installing any custom ROM on your phone.

Sony Xperia Z5

Points to remember:

  • Your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 phone should be rooted.
  • A custom recovery like TWRP should be installed on your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 phone.

Steps to install Sony Xperia Z5 custom ROM on Galaxy Grand 2:

  1. Download the custom ROM from here and Xperia Z5 MOD from here.
  2. Transfer both the zip files to your phone and unplug your phone from PC after that.
  3. Now reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  4. Tap on Wipe and confirm to wipe the system.
  5. Now tap on “install” then “select the zip from SD card” and choose the ROM zip file.
  6. Now confirm to flash the ROM.
  7. After flashing the ROM flash the Z5 MOD by again selecting the install option from the main menu.
  8. After installing both the zip files just tap on “reboot” then “system”.
  9. First boot will take about 10 to 15 minutes so enjoy some music and let the phone do its work. All the queries about this process and ROM should be posted int he comment section below.

In conclusion, that is how to install the Sony Xperia Z5 Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone. You should find the new custom ROM is now running on the display when the device boots.

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