Not so long ago, just a few hours ago, a leaked version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) became available on the Internet. The file that was leaked consists of a system.img file and the kernel and the download link for this package has become available publicly. If you are one of the lucky owners of HTC Rezound, then keep reading this guide as we will tell you how you can install leaked ICS on your HTC Rezound smartphone.

Bear in mind that this is a leaked version. So, there is no guarantee whether it will work fine or not. But, as we are saying it is an ICS build, it’s not wrong to give it a try and install it on your smartphone. To commence flashing ICS on your Rezound, you first need to grab the leaked file, and that can be found below in pre-requisites. Gather the files listed below and then proceed to the steps mentioned below. You should be aware that GeekListen will not be held responsible if your device bricks during the installation process. You are doing at your risk.


The installation of the ICS on HTZ Rezound is very easy, and you just need to flash it using HBoot. If you have previous experience of flashing the ROMs, you can go now and gather the files listed below, flash them on your phone. You need to find the guides on Internet about how to use HBoot.


Download: ICS for HTC Rezound

The first thing you need to do is take a backup of NANDROID first. As it is important in case something goes wrong during the flashing process. After that, rename the ZIP file to and then on Rezound, use HBoot to flash this file.

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