Recovery is and important mode in any android device. The recovery can do so many things in an Android device. Sometimes recovery is also used to perform some services or actions for your smartphone. Today I will tell you a very easy way to install a custom recovery on your Oppo Find 7a. Remember that you are doing it at your own risk, so don’t blame us if you ended up with messed up device.

As is I told you before, the recovery mode is a hidden mode that comes pre-installed with all types of Android-based device; whether its phone, tablet or smart watch. The mode can be accessed by some key combinations but this key combination to bring up recovery mode is different for different smartphone manufacturers. Recovery comes in handy whenever you want to clear cache, wipe data/factory reset your phone and to flash root package. The options with stock recovery are limited and do not support touch screen but using custom recovery you can do some cool things like flashing custom ROMs, kernels and theme package. You can also use this with the touch of your finger.

Oppo Find 7a

As the name custom recovery suggests,  the recovery is custom not official so installing this onto your phone is also unofficial, which means not recommended by Google or Oppo. If you install this custom recovery on your phone then it will voids your phone’s warranty and you will be charged for any assistance for your phone. Also follow this guide carefully, take all the precautions before installing this custom recovery to your phone or it may brick down your device.

Making a backup of all the important data is a great thing to do before installing this custom recovery on your phone, so if anything goes wrong during this process then you will be sure about your phone that it is safe. Backup all of your media files like photos, videos and music to your PC or any other external drive so it will stay safe there. Sync all of your important contacts to your Google account.

Step to install custom recovery on Oppo Find 7a

  1. First you have to install adb drivers on your PC.
  2. Now download the custom recovery installer package from here and extract it t o your PC.
  3. From the extracted folder you will see USB drivers for your phone in it, continue to install them. (USB drivers will help your PC to detect your phone quickly).
  4. After that’s complete, reboot your Find 7a smartphone to Fastboot mode.
  5. Completely power down your 7a smartphone off by holding down the Power key for over five seconds.
  6. Turn it on by pressing and holding Power and Volume Up keys together and don’t release them until the screen changes.
  7. Now connect your 7a smartphone to the Windows PC and launch the Recovery Installer from the recovery package folder.
  8. On the Recovery Installer, you will see some options to install recoveries on your phone.  (Just type the option number and hit enter).
  9. After few minutes your Oppo smartphone will be installed with custom recovery.
  10. Now you can perform more illegal actions with your device. You can ask me for any assistance using the comment section below.
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