These days, everyone is using Twitter to share their thoughts, promote their website/blog, or for any other reason. Bloggers can get good traffic from Twitter. But it is hard to get real Twitter followers.

Here are some tips to get high-quality Twitter followers:


(1) Niche Info:

What is Blog Niche? Blog Niche are the keywords relevant to your blog. Keywords attract search engines to your blog. Your twitter account which you use for your blog must have to blog niche relevant tweets. These types tweets will attract readers to read your blog. They will follow you on Twitter to get their needed information. That will also increase your Blog Readers and Twitter Followers.
(2) Write Shareable Articles:

Write articles visitors can share. Use the words in articles which attract the visitors to share it with other visitors. Your visitors will share your article with his friends, his friends will share with their friends, your posts will be shared with thousands of people. Make sharing easy, put AddThis or any other widget which let visitors share the article easily.
(3) Resource your article info:

Resource the article you are writing on the net. Gather the information you are writing about. Visitors will share only the quality articles. Therefore, write quality articles. Quality articles will encourage your visitors to share your story, and they will share it via Twitter.

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(4) Follow Smartly:

Follow Smartly. Do not follow people just for fun. Follow people who match to your blog niche (They may follow you back!!). Do not follow just random people, whose name you haven’t ever heard. That will not help you to increase your followers; this will increase your following. Follow people who can follow you back. Follow people who are good for your blog niche.
(5) Merge yourself:

Merge yourself with your Twitter followers. Talk with them, make a conversation with them. Don’t let them hesitate to speak with you. Share your thoughts with them. That will encourage them to speak to you, and they will also share their thoughts with you. That will make you active on Twitter and also increase your Twitter followers.
(6) Share via Email Signature:
Share your Twitter ID via email, too. That will also help you promote your Twitter ID. People who receive your email containing your Twitter ID may follow you on Twitter.


(7) Promote Offline:
Promote your Twitter ID offline. If you print brochures, business cards, give advertisement in newspapers, add your Twitter ID to them. That will let your Twitter ID to reach thousands of people. Individuals who read the advertisement given by you in the newspaper with your Twitter ID may follow you on Twitter. Your business card holders also follow you on Twitter to get in touch with your business info.

Above seven ways to get Twitter Followers will surely help you.

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