The following guide teaches you how to factory reset the OnePlus Two smartphone. If a simple OnePlus 2 force boot didn’t do much good, it’s time to take things a step further. Applying a factory reset is necessary if your stock or custom ROM is giving you soft brick symptoms, or just generally filled with bugs you want gone. No matter what software-related issues you may be facing, the factory reset should solve them. If it doesn’t and you still experience the same problems, you should try sending it away if it’s still under warranty. The other thing you can try is flashing the stock OnePlus Two ROM Oxygen OS. Further problems you may be facing that can be solved with a quick factory reset on the OnePlus two include force close errors, overheating, excessive battery drain, boot loops, unusual lagging of the operating system and bugs.

Warning: Apply a factory reset will wipe the data on your OnePlus Two. It’s the same for every Android device. You will lose the contacts, pictures, videos, settings, text messages, music and all other data you might have loaded on the device after opening it out of the box. The guide shows you when you need to back up the device; you don’t need to leave here to back up. However, should you prefer it, there are apps you can download for free/pay for from the Google Play Store that can help you backup your data.

OnePlus Two

The basic way to factory reset

  1. Turn on the OnePlus two smartphone and tap the Menu.
  2. Tao your finger over the Settings option.
  3. Scroll until you see Backup and Restore.
  4. After selecting the Backup and Restore, select the Reset Option.
  5. Your OnePlus smartphone will now be restored, aka wiped clean and factory reset.

Notice how it says backup before taking the restore. It does that so you don’rt forget to backup the device. Make sure you do backup the OnePlus data like phone contacts, pictures and video to the internal storage SD card. Now you can easily restore that data later, after applying the factory reset.

Factory resetting through the recovery mode

Each Android smartphone has a recovery mode. The recovery mode lets us recovery our devices if something goes wrong. Sounds like the perfect place to take a factory reset doesn’t it? It is. The first way is easier for most Android users — some people out there cannot even come up with the hand-eye coordination to unlock a passcode. Here are the steps you need to take to apply the factory reset through the (stock) recovery mode.

  1. Turn off the OnePlus Two by holding the Power key in for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Now that we know it’s off, hold the Volume Up + Power buttons together.
  3. Keep holding the Volume Up and Power keys until you see the Fastboot menu.
  4. From the Fastboot menu, you should see one of the options available is the recovery mode.
  5. Choose the “wipe data factory reset” option from the recovery main menu.
  6. Now just wait until your OnePlus two is wiped and factory reset.

No matter what guide you followed, both options A and option B will result in your device reloading just like it did when you bought it out of the box. Enter your details and take control of your Google account once again. Restore the data and sync the contacts if need be; the same data will still be stored and able to be restored if you backed it up.

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