Just recently, Huawei has pushed this new flagship and it is available now in the markets for you to buy it. This Huawei P8 is a decent device with an exceptional camera for taking photographs in almost every kind of light conditions. In this tutorial. however, we are going to tell you how to factory reset your device to turn back to those settings that the phone arrived in when you first bought it.

The biggest reason you prefer an Android phone over every other is the ability to customize and personalize it. We all want to be in control of stuff and to be able to mold our devices with pouring specific needs and preferences. The Android OS allows you to customize your device and make it “yours”. The recovery options just spice things up. Suppose that you are just a rookie fanatic going all crazy over this whole personalization procedure and you just mess things up. I don’t blame you; Androids can be complicated for beginners.

Huawei P8

So you mess stuff up so bad that you can’t even recognize your device. (Trust me I’ve been there) Or you just made a mistake and are now annoyed by how your device is performing. Well, you can fix that up by applying a factory reset of it. Basically, what a hard/factory reset does is that it wipes all your customized settings and bring the phone back to the settings in which the phone first came out of the factory.¬†Doing this is ridiculously easy. Here’s how:

How to hard reset the Huawei P8 smartphone

  1. Head to settings and tap “Backup and Reset”
  2. Now tap on “Factory Reset”
  3. Check the box if you want to erase all the internal storage. This step is optional.
  4. Now, select the “Reset phone” option.
  5. It’ll ask for your confirmation as this process is irreversible.
  6. The reset will begin now. It may take time to reset the device. Be patient.

Here you go. Your phone is now back to its original settings. Play with it again and reset set it again. That’s the fun part with the Android devices. If you have any questions. Ask away in the comment section.

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