If you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, or you are just a normal Android user and are experiencing problems with the software, you might want to apply a factory reset. These factory resets, otherwise known as hard resets, are best reserved for times when you have a problem but can’t seem to find the solution. So, instead of wasting more time trying to search, apply the reset and you’re done. Of course, there’s a downside to these kinds of resets, which is you are wiping the data and must restore the data. You cannot restore the data unless you take a backup first. Since most people hate taking backups of the data, they too usually dislike applying a factory reset.

Let that be your warning before proceeding any further: you must back up the data before starting this guide if you want to be able to restore that same data again. By data, I’m referring to pictures, videos, SMS texts, apps, phone contacts, and the whole kit-and-caboodle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are two main ways to take the factory reset. The first is via the devices Settings screen which we’ll guide you through properly during the guide. before we get that far, I want to tell you that Samsung automatically gives you a convenient time to back up the data before starting this guide, so you don’t have to shop around the Google Play Store searching for apps unless you want to. Just follow the guide and we’ll let you know when to back up the data.

Factory resetting the Samsung Galaxy Note 5


  1. Turn on the Galaxy Note 5
  2. Tap your finger on the menu button.
  3. Tap your finger on the Settings.
  4. Choose “User and Backup”.
  5. Choose “Backup and Reset”.
  6. Choose to reset the device after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Recovery Mode:

  1. Start by turning off the Samsung galaxy Note 5 completely by holding in the power button with your finger for ten seconds minimum before letting go.
  2. Now press firmly on the Home + Power + Volume Up keys at the same time and hold them in until you see the recovery mode on the display.
  3. Enter the recovery mode, and select the wipe data/factory reset option.
  4. As you can see, it clearly states you are about to wipe the data when you reset.
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