Samsung devices have different modes compared with other Android devices. Samsung devices don’t have any fast boot mod, Samsung just have a recovery mode and download mode. Recovery mode is very popular mode but download mode will be new for you if you haven’t used Samsung devices before.

Download Mode in Samsung devices can be accessed for many reasons, using download mode you can flash stock firmware to your phone, can fix your bricked phone and can root your phone. Download mode only works for Odin software. Odin software is designed to service Samsung smart phones only, you need this software to flash firmware on your Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6

All you need is a Windows PC with antivirus disabled or it may brick your phone, a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC and your phone.

Steps to get access to Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

Using the Key combination direct on the smartphone

  1. First you have to shut down your phone completely.
  2. To do that unlock your phone and press power key for 3 seconds, select “Power off ” from there and wait till your phone gets off completely.
  3. Now press and hold Power key, Volume Down key and Home keys together for 5 – 8 seconds.
  4. You will be presented with a warning screen, just press volume up key once to proceed to download mode.
  5. Now you are in download mode, and you can perform any manual update task.

Using the Command window from computer

  1. First download adb package from here.
  2. Extract it on desktop (just for recommendation, you can also save this folder anywhere you want on your PC where you can find it easily).
  3. Now open that folder and right-click on space inside the folder and select “open command window here”.
  4. Now plug-in your phone to your PC using USB cable.
  5. After that type this command on command window “adb reboot download”.

Using the Reboot Menu Widget app

  1. This app need root access to work properly on your phone
  2. Unlock your phone and open Google Play store.
  3. Search for the Reboot Menu Widget and install it.
  4. After installation put the Reboot Menu Widget on the home screen.
  5. Now when you want to reboot your phone to Download Mode, just tap on this widget once and select “reboot download” from the menu.
  6. After that your phone will reboot to download mode automatically.

Now you know all the methods to reboot your Galaxy S6 to download mode, chose whichever suits you best and manually update your phone or fix it using Odin software. Now you can also root Galaxy S6 edge from here.