Windows operating systems are unlike any other, and that is why so many people use them. What one of the ways Windows operating system vary from any other operating system is that they rely on programs called drivers to run before things can work.

Two common examples of this are the device drivers and the USB drivers. The Windows operating system needs to have the correct drivers installed before you can connect a device to the computer with the USB cable and have the device communicate with the computer for transferring data or using apps on the computer for the device. You don’t usually have to panic when you connect your mobile device to the Windows computer because the operating system is programmed to automatically find the right drivers for your device and install them. It also does that very fast, and you don’t even know it is happening. Once the drivers are installed the Windows OS then shows a message in the system tray stating that it recognizes your device, and that is when you know the correct drivers are installed.

There are always times when a handful of people don’t have such luck, and those people need to install the right USB drivers for the device manually instead. Koushik Dutta has made the Universal Windows ADB Driver for your to use, and it makes installing the correct drivers a cinch.

How to download and install Xiaomi Mi 5 USB Drivers on Windows PC

Open the Universal Windows ADB Driver website on your computer and click on the link where it says “you can grab the download here” and the file starts downloading to the computer.

You can see the file downloading now above the taskbar as shown below. Wait until the download completes and then click on the file where it says the file name.

Doing so results in the welcome screen for the Universal ADB Driver setup wizard which you need to run through before the USB Drivers for the Xiaomi smartphone are installed. Click on the Next button to begin.

uadbd-3The next screen gives you the chance to choose where you want the Universal ADB Driver file to be installed on the computer. Moreover, you can choose whether you want the file to be shared with everyone on the computer which has an account or just your account. After you have made your selections, click on the Next button.

All you need to do now is confirm the installation by clicking on the Next button, and it begins to install.

uadbd-5 Wait for the installation to complete and then click on the Close button that becomes available at the bottom of the screen.

uadbd-6In conclusion that is all you need to install the Universal ADB Driver on the computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system, so you have the Xiaomi Mi 5 USB Drivers installed.