Got a new phone? You want to sync some data to your phone? You have your phone and a USB cable, but you don’t have USB drivers of your phone then you simply can’t do that. You’ll need a proper USB driver of your phone on your PC, then you will be able to sync your phone with your PC using any PC Suite. There are many other applications for USB drivers you’ll get to know about in this article.

USB drivers make the PC to know about your phone like your phone’s manufacturer and model number. Without USB drivers your PC will not get to know about your device and sometimes don’t detect your device at all. All manufacturers have specific drivers for their devices. Some times when you try to root your phone using King Root or any other one click root solution and that tool don’t detect your device, that’s the problem arises without USB drivers installed on your PC.

Wiko renders

Wiko provides USB drivers for all the model numbers (links provided below) they are setup files just download them and double-click the setup exe file to start the installation, follow the instructions and driver will get installed on your PC automatically.

Wiko smartphones don’t provide any PC suite for their smartphones. Wiko only provide USB drivers for Windows users only, so Mac and Linux users you don’t have any chance to get Wiko USB drivers for them. There are certain things you should know before installing these device on your Windows PC.

These drivers are the product of Wiko and we have nothing to do with this so if you are getting any issue with this try to communicate with Wiko. If that fails then we are always here to help you. Below is the list of Wiko smartphones with the download link provided with them, download what suits you the best.

List of devices supported for the USB Drivers

  • Wiko Stairway
  • Wiko Slide
  • Wiko Ridge 4G
  • Wiko Rainbow4G
  • Wiko Lenny
  • Wiko Ozzy
  • Wiko Jimmy
  • Wiko Highway signs
  • Wiko Highway Star 4G
  • Wiko Highway star 4G
  • Wiko Iggy
  • Wiko Kite 4G
  • Wiko Highway
  • Wiko Highway 4G
  • Wiko Highway Pure 4G
  • Wiko Getaway
  • Wiko Goa
  • Wiko Fizz
  • Wiko Darkfull
  • Wiko Darkmoon
  • Wiko Dark Knight
  • Wiko Darkside
  • Wiko Cink Five
  • Wiko Cink Peax 2
  • Wiko Cink Slim
  • Wiko Cink Slim 2
  • Wiko Barry
  • Wiko Birdy 4G
  • Wiko Bloom
  • Wiko Bloom 2

Download the Wiko USB Drivers for all the mobiles here.


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