Windows computers automatically always like to try to install the required drivers for you, so things work perfectly well without you having to go to much trouble. That is why you can often connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone to the computer and do things automatically without there being an “unknown devices” message appearing. Windows manages to do this by searching for them and then downloading them behind the scenes with Windows Update. However, if people have disabled that feature, then they might get the Unknown Devices message appearing which means the Windows operating system cannot run the required driver.

You can always open the Windows Control panel to check whether the automatic driver installation feature is enabled or disabled by opening the Control Panel, clicking on View Devices and printers which are available under where it says Hardware and Sound. Right-click on the device that is representing your PC and choose the Device installation settings.

Having the options enabled will mean that you should always be able to connect the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone to the Windows computer and do all the necessary things like transferring data to and from the phone. That includes getting all of your pictures from the phone and onto the computer or even the other way around.

Then there are other times when people need to install Samsung USB Drivers on the computer. There are times you need to use an application that is running on the Windows computer such has the Odin flashing application. The Odin app is the official way to flash files like custom recoveries, the CF-Auto-Root tool, stock ROMs from Sam Mobile and other files. The Odin app on the computer usually will not automatically detect your device unless you have installed the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer already. Once you have installed the drivers once they should remains on the computer for next time unless they have been deleted.

It’s usually pretty simple to tell if the Samsung USB Drivers are required on the computer when using something like the Odin flashing application because the app will not detect the device. Conversely, you know the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone is connected and hooked up with Odin correctly when you see the added message and the ID: COM port lights up with a color—usually a blue or yellow shade.

Downloading and installing the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 USB Drivers on a Windows PC

  1. Download the Samsung USB Drivers for the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 smartphone.
  2. Open up the File Explorer and look for the Downloads folder.
  3. Open the Downloads folder by double-clicking on it and the Samsung USB Drivers file is now there.
  4. Double-click on the Samsung USB Drivers tool and the USB drivers program opens without you needing to extract the file.
  5. Click on the Next button and the Samsung USB Drivers installation begins.
  6. Click on the Next button once more time and the installation completes.
  7. Click on the Finish button when it shows up on the screen.

In conclusion, that is how to download and install the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 USB Drivers on a Windows PC. The smartphone will now connect to the computer and the drivers allow for any data transferring to and from the phone. Moreover, you can expect to find the files flashing to the phone when you use the Odin flashing tool. There are lots more reasons why people needed the Samsung USB Drivers running on the computer, and they all should be solved now that you have installed them.