Music lovers always load up their gadgets with their favorite song tracks. If you are one of those lovers and have a computer, I am sure you must have loaded it with the songs you like the most. There are so many ways available to download and play songs on your computer, be it a Windows based machine or a Mac; you have the way. Ever since the smartphones came into the market, people have found a way to carry their music tracks with them anywhere they go. Sometimes, I do hear a question asked by Android smartphone users that how they can download MP3 Songs on Android. Well, the answer to this issue is straightforward and direct, just visit the Google Play and download the app for that.

For almost every task you do on your smartphone, you have an app. There are some useful apps available to download MP3 Songs on your smartphone, and the following article covers the same.

Download All Files

The app works as a plugin that fetches the downloads from your web browser and begins the download of that particular file. The files that you download are stored on the SD card so that you can access them easily at any time. Even you can use this SD card in other phones and have your music transferred there. The app has gotten more than 5 Million downloads it shows how good the app is. If you do not know how this app works, let’s take an example.


Go to Google and search for your favorite music track. When you get to the MP3 page, just hit the download link, and this app (plugin) will catch it and add it to the downloads list. The progress bar will show you how much downloads has been completed and how much is left. After the file has been downloaded, you can open it up just right from this app. The app is available at free of cost and can be downloaded using the following link.

Download: Download All Files [Google Play Link]

Music Junk

Another app that lets you download music tracks on your smartphone. Unlike the above app, this works in a different way. The app enables you to search for records from inside the app, and you can then download your favorite from the list that appears. Besides downloading, you can also listen to online music as well as you can find the lyrics for your song.

music-junk-1 music-junk-2

Let me clear out how you can use the app. First of all, head over to the download page using the link given below and download the APK file to your computer. After that, connect your phone to your PC and transfer the APK file to your phone. Pick-up, your phone, enable Unknown sources from the Settings menu. Tap on the APK file and it will install on your phone. Now, you will find the app icon in your app drawer, just tap on it. Great, you now have access to the millions of sound tracks out there, grab what you want.

Download: Music Junk [AndroidFreeware Link]

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