Kaspersky is one of the best premium Antivirus in the world. There are lots of antiviruses exist in the market, Kaspersky has proven to be the best among them of its high detection capability of finds viruses, trojans, spyware on your computer. There are few versions of Kaspersky, Kaspersky Antivirus, and Kaspersky Internet Security. The latter one provides better security features than the first one, as it has more features of protecting your computer from Internet threats. However, the Kaspersky Antivirus is also right to protect your computer from viruses.

Once you install the Kaspersky on your PC, you will need to update its signatures, often called Virus Definitions. You should do this regularly to protect your PC from new viruses and Trojans, as the latest definition have the data to detect such viruses and to remove them.


The one thing that disappoints me in Kaspersky is, the time it takes to update the virus definitions. So, if you have not much fast Internet connectivity, then you may not want to use this feature. The Second thing is, if you have installed Kaspersky on few computers at your work or home and do not want to update the each install individually, then you can use a tool called KLUpdater.

KLUpdater is an updater utility created for the Kaspersky products. By using this tool, you can easily download the virus definitions for almost all the Kaspersky products and save them to any folder of your PC. By doing so, you will have just to download the virus definitions just one time and then copy it to other computers at your work or home.

You can download the KLUpdater utility using the link given below. Extract the ZIP file and open the KasperskyUpdater.exe file from the package. It is the main file which we will use to download offline virus definitions for Kaspersky.

Now, in the application windows, there is a list of all the Kaspersky Products of which you can download the offline virus updates. Select the product and the version of your Kaspersky product and click Apply.


Clicking the Apply button will commence the download process. It will take some time to download the updates. When downloaded, you can access the files in the Updates folder which exist in the same directory where you have placed the KLUpdater.

Download: KLUpdater Utility for Windows

We will show you how you can update Kaspersky products using the offline virus definitions in the next post. So, stay tuned with us.

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