Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we want to load it with some important data like music, videos, photos apps and many more things. This is done by using a PC and a USB cable, but one more thing you need for this process is USB drivers. Without USB drivers, your PC won’t be able to detect your device. After installing USB drivers, you will be able to sync your data fr om your PC to your phone easily.

There are certain benefits you will get after installing USB drivers. One click root tools will detect your device easily and you can root your phone easily and you know how important is to root an Android device for making it more customizable. All the recovery and stock ROM installing tools need USB drivers to work with your device otherwise your phone may get bricked doing these custom actions with your phone, making you to get stuck with your stock device.


USB drivers often come as a setup file, which you can easily install it on your PC. You just have to double-click the exe file and simply follow the steps on the installation window.

BQ smartphones don’t provide any PC suite for their smartphones, so for using any smartphone manager from other developer you need this USB driver for that. BQ USB drivers only support Microsoft Window PC, not others like Mac or Linux. Therefore, you need a Windows-based PC to install this USB drivers and to sync the data with your phone.

Below is the list of BQ smartphones those are supported with the USB drivers mentioned:

  • BQ S60
  • BQ S50
  • BQ S40
  • BQ S39
  • BQ S38
  • BQ S37
  • BQ S36
  • BQ S35
  • BQ N2
  • BQ i90
  • BQ F100
  • BQ E2
  • BQ E1

Download USB drivers for all BQ smartphones from here. If your phone is not listed in the list above then you can also download universal USB drivers for BQ smartphones from here.

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