Windows 7 is a new operating system from Microsoft. This Operating System is much faster and smarter than previous Windows Operating Systems. If you have some problem installing it from your DVD drive or if you have downloaded it from the website, then you can use USB install to make your USB bootable.


Here are the steps to create a bootable Windows 7 USB:


  • 4GB or more capacity USB Flash Drive.
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS (Host).
  • Windows 7.ISO File.
  • Windows 7 USB DVD Tool (Download it here).

Creating Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive

Step 1: Install the Windows 7 USB DVD tool you’ve downloaded and open it. You will see the below screen.

Step 2: Locate your Windows 7.ISO file by clicking “Browse” and then click “Next”. You will get below screen.

Step 3: We are going to create bootable USB, therefore choose “USB device”. After this, you will get a screen like below.


Step 4: Now, insert your USB flash drive and press refresh, then select your USB flash drive from the menu and click “Begin copying”. You will get below screen.

Step 5. It will take some time to copy files. After files being copied, your Bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive is ready!

How to test whether it’s working or not?


Step 6. After creating the bootable USB, you can check it whether it’s working or not. For testing purpose, you have to download a small utility called “MobaLiveCD.” After downloading it, open it. You will get a screen like below.

Step 7. Click “Run the LiveUSB”.

Step 8. Select your USB device.

Step 9. Windows 7 process will start.


I hope, this tutorial will help you in creating bootable Windows 7 USB. If you have any problems regarding this process, comment it below.

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