WiFi, well the less known name in the countries like India. WiFi is the handy form of the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Using WiFi, you can do almost all the things which you could do with the LAN, but it simplifies the entire process of setting up LAN by having no requirement of cables, everything’s wireless. WiFi HotSpot is a solution to share your Internet connection with other WiFi supported devices. WiFi HotSpots range between 20 to 200 feet, in which area, users can enjoy Internet browsing on their WiFi devices. One can make WiFi HotSpot using few hardware and the software. You can create a WiFi HotSpot using your Nokia mobile as well, without requiring any hardware.

By using a Nokia Symbian-powered mobile, you can create a WiFi HotSpot and can share the Internet connection of your mobile with the others. It comes handy when you have only one Internet connection and have many devices with internet capabilities, but don’t have separate internet connection for them. Nowadays, almost all the devices come in the market have WiFi so that you can get shared internet on these devices. The process for creating a WiFi HotSpot using Nokia Mobile isn’t complicated and takes less time.

You will need these two things to get started

  • Nokia Symbian Powered Mobile (I will use Nokia N8 in this tutorial)
    JoikuSpot Software (Get it from www.joiku.com).
  • The JoikuSpot is a software which enables you to use your Nokia Symbian Mobile as a WiFi HotSpot. The light version of the software has some features, the premium one has more advanced features, which lets you setup your WiFi HotSpot name, encryption, etc. Any of these will work great. Just Download the JoikuSpot software and install it on your device. Here begins the process to create WiFi HotSpot using Nokia Mobile.

Create WiFi HotSpot Using JoikuSpot App

Step 1: After installing the JoikuSpot App on your mobile, Go to Menu>>Applications>>JoikuSpot.

Step 2: Now, you will have to setup the WiFi HotSpot settings (if using Premium version). To do so, Go to Options>>Settings.

Step 3: Here, you can see the settings menu of the app. You can define settings as per your choice. Here are the basic configuration I have made in the App.

The basic settings include setting up the name of the WiFi HotSpot and the Access Point which can be used to connect to the Internet. Just change these settings to yours.

Step 4: After finishing the settings, return to home screen of the app. Now, hit the Start button to start your newly created WiFi HotSpot. When the start button pressed, you will get an alert saying “Allow sharing your internet connection with external devices?”. Choose the Yes option.

Everything is done. Now, your WiFi HotSpot will be working great, and you can see the below screen indicating the success of WiFi HotSpot creation.

The above tutorial will surely help you to create WiFi HotSpot using your Nokia Symbian Mobile. Thus you can share your Internet with your friends, family, etc. Drop your questions and comments about this!