Windows 8 pre-beta version has just been released and is reaching to the vast audience of the world, mostly to the developers. This developer preview lets you use the Windows 8 before its beta and final release. The download of Windows 8 Developer Preview is available on the Microsoft website allowing you to download it and use freely. There are three versions available for this Windows 8 build; each one has a different size. It comes as an ISO image which you have to burn to a DVD to boot from Windows 8 and install it. Here are the simple steps on how you can burn Windows 8 ISO image to a DVD quickly, without having a third party software.


Required Things:

To burn the Windows 8 ISO image, your computer must be running on the Windows 7 OS, because the Windows 7 has an inbuilt ISO image burner for easy image burning. After that, you will need any version of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, which can be obtained either from the Microsoft website or you can use the following direct links to download.

Windows Developer Preview with developer tools (64bit)

Windows Developer Preview (64bit)

Windows Developer Preview (32bit)

All of the above versions are in the English language. For the first build listed above, you will need a DVD-9, which has more storage capacity than the average DVD-5 storage capacity. After downloading any of the builds, insert a blank DVD-9 or DVD-5 to your computer’s DVD drive and follow the steps given below to burn the ISO image.

After inserting the blank DVD, navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the Windows 8 ISO image file and right-click on it and choose Windows Disc Image Burner from the context menu.

It will open the inbuilt Disc Image Burner of the Windows 7; now the tool will appear on your screen with some options. Here they are:
Disc Burner: Choose the Disc Drive of your computer, in case you’ve multiple drives.

Verify disc after burning: Selecting this option would take more time to finish the process as it verifies the disc after burning.


Now, click the Burn button and the process will start, the progress bar will show you the progress on how much process has been completed.
If you follow the above steps correctly, you will certainly end up with a working Windows 8 DVD to get you started with this new OS.

If you have any problems regarding this tutorial, post them in the comments.