We love watching Disney TV shows when we are growing up because they make us feel good, and usually, the people look good. It’s another way of taking us away to a fantasy land. Think about it, if the characters were ugly would you watch it as much? Maybe you would but most people probably would not. So, now that we can be digitally savvy,m let’s transform some of these characters and make them look like real people without any perfect hair.

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You might know her as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It’s one of the most popular animations of the last three decades, let alone the current times. It will rival any cartoon animation that’s ever been created. One of the secrets to the hit shows success is Belle.

Belle is really beautiful as she would need to be when she is the main protagonist in a show that’s called Beauty and the Beast. However, let’s take a gander at how she looks with messy hair, shall we?

Not only have we managed to change the hair of Belle, but here’s a digital remake of what her face would likely look like if she didn’t look so darn perfect all of the time. We can’t work out why she’s so frustrated at those awesome flowers. Have you ever seen those type of flowers where you blow them, and the white stuff goes all through the air?

If you think that’s funny wait until you see this next picture from another animation that you might know even better from a book called Cinderella.

The Cinderella story is one of the most famous ones out there to date, and many regarded it as their favorite childhood story in regards to the plot. She was the beautiful girl with the long blonde locks who sat by the windows. The main protagonist in the story still managed to influence culture today, and there are heaps of Moms (or Mums) out there who will make sure both their boys and girls sit down and watch this one at home if only for the message in the story alone.

You know the story: the one with the fairy godmother, a charming prince and a moral of a story that teaches us that there’s more to life than just good looks. You must be gracious to be successful.

Anyway, now that you already know all about the Cinderella story, it’s time to check out the picture of her new haircut. Funnily enough, it does fit with the story or beauty isn’t everything.

Do you think the real Cinderella would care if her hair was like this? Probably not. We are sure in the end that she’d know beauty is only skin deeps. Let’s face it, the only reason her hair is a one piece is that it’s easiest to draw that way.

When we think of perfect hair, we think about Pocahontas and her lovely dark locks which are basically all the one color without any detail at all. The drawer must’ve been laughing when he realized he could pull of a look that didn’t require any work at all right? Just color the whole thing in the one color, and that will do.

To make it somewhat realistic let’s throw out some random hairs around the edges. That’s how you would look Pocahontas!

Frozen was arguably the most popular feature animation film of the last decade. I’ve personally never seen so many children go crazy for a movie. Are they even old enough to understand what a plot is? Apparently so. Reading it as an adult, it’s not that simple, so I can only assume there are lots of great animation to keep the kids entertained.

Making it even more attractive is how many boys like the movie. It seems with the main protagonist as a blonde girl that it was going to be a girls movie. That’s not true. Furthermore, you’ll probably drive past some 4-year-old boys in the back seat of their mother’s cars rocking out to the Frozen soundtrack.

When I was growing up, it was all about Aladdin before playing basketball on a Saturday morning. The princess is that show is one of the finest going around. Her name is Jasmine, and nobody says that name better than the man Aladdin himself.

When it comes to Jasmine’s hair, though, it does something eerily similar to her counterparts. Basically, it’s just one big black mop in one piece. We know when they make animations that heaps of work go into each frame. You want to do that efficiently with the hair, so you aren’t spending extra days drawing out the changes. You do that by making it all the one piece.