Nokia X Manager is the best software made by AngSanley for Nokia X series.

You can install Google apps, recovery, root/unroot your phone and many more task you can do.

Go here and download Nokia X Manager(NXM).

To root your device:

  1. Launch NXM then connect your phone.
  2. After you phone has been detected a click on Root Device.
  3. After some time your phone will restart in recovery mode.
  4. On phone click on install select a file named as UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.99r3.zip then swipe to flash this file.
  5. After Flashing is successful click on the home button(it is a virtual button like Android nav bar).
  6. Click on Reboot —> system.
  7. After reboot, if you will see a superuser app in your app drawer then your phone is rooted.
  8. To Install Google apps:
  9. To same as rooting your device.
  10. click on install select a file named as gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip then swipe to flash.
  11. Reboot your device.
  12. Just launch Google Play and sign in with google account.


AngSanley makes NXM.

After installing g apps your phone’s Warranty is void so think before you do.

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