Not long before the much-anticipated release, Google Glass seems to have found a new purpose in life.

The NFL is arguably Americas largest sport, and for that matter, the worlds. When it comes to money, they aren’t short of it. They also don’t fall short of putting talent on the field. From an overseas viewer it can sometimes be hard to judge just how much talent you are looking at. The main reason for that is, we aren’t used to hearing what they have on. But that’s another story all together. The reason why I bring talent and money up at the same time is because they often incorporate a common bond, and that bond is the latest in high-tech equipment to keep them ahead of the game.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard of Google latest offering of the gadget department, the Google Glass. Glass, as it is called, offers you a set of glasses to pop over your face and you can do things like interact with your friends, record footage of what you are looking at and much more. I stopped it there because recording footage is the key two-word phrase that has caught St Louis Rams quarterback and wide receiver tandem in this video below.

There is without a doubt constant back and forth about whether Glass will succeed and begin to take off to the average Joe around the globe. If you’re into tech, Glass has to be one of the coolest and most anticipated things to hit us. If you aren’t, they could just be another head scratching idea lost on the wind. Regardless of your current take on the matter, if it can develop more everyday uses like this, especially if it is helping out with one of the coolest sports in the world, Glass’s future all of a sudden is undeniably bright.

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