Garry's ModI spent today creating new add-ons for Garry’s Mod. When I check the add-ons in the game menu, it says they have failed to download. How can I fix this problem? Resolution.

The most common solution to failed Gmod add-on downloads is to uninstall Gmod and reinstall it again. If you don’t want to reinstall Gmod, you can try deleting your cache and see if that solves it.

Additionally, One Redditor has suggested that it could be a sign of not having enough disk space for the downloads rather than it being a problem with the game itself. We concur that this could be a common issue if it is not resolved by the developers of Gmod. However, you would assume you could be given an error message letting you know when you have run out of disk space rather than being left to guess. If anyone has experience with what happens when you run out of disk space on Steam, please leave a comment below.

Moreover, it could also be that you are trying to use hidden or banned items, according to another Redditor.

We will keep scanning the forums to see if any other answers are given that may help with this issue. Please also leave comments if you know of any alternative solutions.

In conclusion, Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game that is highly customizable. While that sounds enjoyable, it also sounds like a lot of work to create. It could be the occasional bug is present in this game and will be fixed in time. Thankfully, when you use Steam, you can reinstall games without losing the data associated with them. The easiest method to solve this problem to date has been to reinstall the game, suggesting that perhaps it is related to a bug rather than running out of disk space. We welcome more information in the comments. Thanks.