Roughly 1 in 400 people are born with Down syndrome. If you are over the age of 35 and pregnant, your chances of having a child with Down Syndrome dramatically increase to nearly half of that amount. Archie, the boy featured in this story, was born with Down Syndrome and after his parents found out that was the case, they decided to give him away. All of that happened when Archie was very young, just after birth. Archie was then an orphan and grew up with foster parents. That’s where he met his sister who is also featured in this video. His sister has a message for us all that she’d like us to hear (you can hear it in the video below). It’s a very cute message considering her age is so young. If you haven’t listened to a heartfelt message in a while or you haven’t let out a few tears, you might want to reach for the Kleenex before pressing the play button.

It’s a bitter-sweet video to remind us of not only how cruel the world can be at times even out in the west where we usually just go to our school, work, and family lives and not much more. Moreover, it also reminds us of how kind-hearted some of us are like his younger sister here. You can see within the first minute of the video young ‘Ace’ says that her Mommy tried to explain it to her, but she doesn’t understand. The little girl, Ace, is referring to the situation of how the ‘first Mommy’ could leave her child just because he wasn’t born like a ‘normal’ person. That is cute enough witness, but it keeps going on for at least another 5 minutes from there with the help of her Mommy and Archie’s other Mommy who is behind the camera.