No matter how amazing or wonderful, your boyfriend or husband is, the reality is that most men in the world want nothing more than to go to bed. With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things every girl can do that men will enjoy more from their partners than saying ‘I Love You.’ That’s not to talk down the three-worded phrase as if it doesn’t matter and men don’t enjoy it because they do. But if you want to put a spin on things and try a different direction you can check out the list below.

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Number one on the list is when she genuinely loves spending time with his friends. You might not think that’s important, or you might worry your boyfriend will get the wrong idea if you get close to his friends. Or even worse, I guess there is a chance you fall in love with one of them. But for the most part, getting to know your partner’s friends and enjoying their company is great for a relationship because it means the guys don’t have to dedicate a night to either one or the other. If you can hang out with everyone together, then that’s a great way to live. Ever had a friend you used to see most days of the week until they get a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yeah, then you know what I mean.

When she is tired and ready to put her head on his shoulder. You might be surprised, but guys do actually like this. Granted, some guys will not, just like some guys don’t like just about anything out there if you were to look hard enough. But most guys like the fact that you are snuggling with them for a few reasons. One is they know you love it and the second is it makes them feel good too.

When she devotes some time in her life to learn the movie, he is into, so she understands what he is loving. Even though girls might not necessarily share the same passion for the movie the guy is loving, it’s still super cool to the guy if she shows interest and at least understands what it is he is liking. There are a few plus sides to this including her not needing to bug him every five minutes asking question. But on a serious note, it will make him feel closer to you if you show an interest. Almost as if you get him better.

She is home with the night off but still doesn’t mind him hanging out with his friends. Remember earlier on in the piece when I said that it’s cool to have your girlfriend hanging out and spending time with your mates. Well, that is awesome, but it’s also cool if she doesn’t come along at all sometimes because we all need our time with our friends alone occasionally. Not all women will be upset that you have left them behind for the evening. If you think you have it in you to let your guy out without going crazy, give it a try. He’ll probably love you for it.

She learns to accept the way he leaves things laying around the house, even though deep down she hates it. OK, so maybe there’s a few point in the post that are a little bit far-fetched. This could be one of them. With that being said, guys would love it if girls accepted the fact that there are a few things in life they aren’t changing. Being messy most hours of the day is one of them.

Even though she’s fairly useless at sports, she’s happy to play along with him because it makes him happy. Is this asking too much? Most women would love their men to quit sports, never watch a game on TV again, and they will live happily forever. The only reason they might not like that is that the guy’s body would soon turn into a round ball instead of perfectly sculpted as many athletes are.

When she brings snacks to the bedroom so they can hang out in bed and eat dinner from there instead of having to eat around the table. While most women love to eat formally around a table without a television of. As men, we do understand that for the most part. But can we just eat some food in the bed sometimes too, please?

She’s thoughtful enough to know that his favorite team is playing and his missing the big game so while she sees the TV, she texts him the results. Sure, some guys don’t want to know the scores because they plan on watching the big game later during the night when they knock off work and can have the time. However, some guys don’t have the time to watch it later, and they’d really love to just know the scores immediately. Do hi ma favor and send away!

She not only attends the sporting events that he loves, but she’s more than happy to give him a big hug even though he is eating so much he stinks. OK, so the smelling part might have gone over the top, but would you be surprised if I told you that most girls wouldn’t attend a sporting match with their guys. Furthermore, if they were sweating like a pig, they wouldn’t go anywhere near them. Let your hair down a bit and have some fun. It’s your man after all.

She’s proud of her man and loves showing him off proudly in front of all her girlfriends. While some guys have all the confidence in the world and often too much, there’s a lot of cute guys out there who don’t have a high amount of trust and could get nervous around your friends. We all know that when those nerves kick in isn’t going to be doing him any favors. Show that you are proud of your man and it will help him a lot and make him feel good.