Now, there are always question marks when following the guide that we do here to do with flashing of some sort. The general question is why do I have to do all this from a computer? Why can’t I just do it from the mobile I am browsing from in my hand. Wouldn’t that be simpler? Well, yes, that would be simpler, but, unfortunately, it isn’t usually possible to do.

Even bloggers I have noticed don’t understand that fact. Some even call the rest of us out for making people use a computer. Their guide will give you a happy story about how you can just do it from your mobile device. Well, I can assure you if you are not using Mobile Odin in the process it will fail every time.

Mobile Odin

The reason you have previously been made to use a computer is because you need to flash through Odin, that you install on the computer. Otherwise, you have to do it through recovery also on the computer.

Using Mobile Odin, however, will make it possible to flash files like firmware on your Samsung mobile without needing a computer. After you install the app, all you have to do is grab the necessary firmware file — which is the same file you would use for the computer guide — and then use the program here, and the flashing finishes. It makes things simple.

Sounds too good to be true, what’s the downside? The downside is that it’s only for Samsung mobiles so far, and even that list short compared with how many Smartphones they have all together. You should have no problem finding the complete list of devices supported from the link that I have provided for the app. I say the field is thin, but it does support a few, and all the main popular phones by Samsung. There ‘re about 30 devices supported with this application and the range also includes some of the Galaxy Tab range.

You can get your hands on the full APK and check out the supported devices list from this XDA Developers thread.

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