Android is the very fast growing operating system for mobiles; all the new smartphones now come with this OS. Android OS has excellent User Interface, Features, and many other useful things. To enhance the usability of the Android, Google has launched the Android Market website, where you can download free and paid Apps, Games for your Android device. The Android Market has overtaken the Apple App Store and now has 200,000 Apps supporting 300 Android devices.

When we go to the Android Market, the one questions raises in the mind is, Which App to install? It is a little confusing because there are many Apps available with the same functionality. To solve this issue, Google recently added some new features to its Android Market website so users can get Apps which they want.


New Features In Android Market

New Top App Charts: The Google has added a new top app chart, which shows the Top Apps available in the Android Market and has the country specific apps, so you always get the best and relevant Apps. You can also see the Top Free, Top Paid, and Top Grossing lists straight on the Android Market website homepage.

Chosen by Editors’: This is the list where you can see the Apps, Games which are exclusively selected by the Editors as the Best and Useful apps.


Top Developers: Developers, who make great apps for Android devices can now be explored with Top suffix. You can see the Top Developers list and can explore the Apps, Games developed by them. Currently, Google has chosen 150 developers as the Top Developers.

More Relativity in Apps: When you go to an App or Game page on the website, you will see two new groups of the Apps on the page. The first group has most frequently browsed apps and the second group has the apps which users tend to install alongside the app which you have chosen. For example, if you want to install Video Player, you will see some other video player apps in this group which users have installed alongside this app.


Trending Apps: Trending Apps are the Apps which is growing in daily installs, which are often installed by the users.

These are the tips for you so you can choose best apps for your Android Device. Do leave your comments!

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