Some people in life just dare to be different. Have you ever walked past someone with a giant hole in their ears and thought: why would you do that? It isn’t because you are attracted to it. I think you just wanted to do something that most people cannot or would do/have done. That’s what makes them happy. I get that. In many respects, I’m always doing things that the crowds don’t do — whether a subconscious or conscious thought.

The first woman below has decided to change her ears and not just the choice of earrings. Instead, she’s surgically changing the shape. Not to look like any Hollywood A-list celebrity, but to mimic that of an elf. I guess some people out there just want elf ears. You can expect a few arguments and for this picture to stir up some controversy, and to be honest, I’m not one hundred percent sure where I stand while writing this.

You can understand that if someone wants to change something about themselves, then they should have the right to get it done, no matter what it is, that makes sense here. However, does one need to spend all that money on an ear to look like something out of Peter Pan? You could probably give that money to Africa instead. Furthermore, you are using up a doctor’s time; perhaps a doctor who could have been doing something useful. You know how people have to wait weeks or even months until they can have important surgery, Well it probably isn’t helped by people like this who want unique ears.

This is probably one of the more extreme facial changes we’ve seen. No, her head is not naturally that shape — they changed it via surgery. No, her hair is not normally growing just out of the top part of her hair — we have no idea how she created that. Nor is her natural hair color bright read; her eyebrows bright read with roughly ten piercing each.

The most interesting part of this woman’s face in my opinion is the two metal rods coming out of the forehead like a bull. I have no idea where one gets these ideas, nor do I understand why would anybody want this. However, if it’s being unique she was after, we can safely say she’s managed to achieve that.

When people aren’t changing earrings, eyebrows, or hair, they just might be changing their teeth, Yes, teeth can be shaped too. When I was younger my teeth were never straight. And then when my wisdom teeth finally decided to come down, they made my teeth even worse. The result? I decided to take a nail file out and hack away at my teeth with it. Little did I know that the inside of the teeth is yellow…and then clear. I now walk around with a clear tooth and two other yellow teeth toward the sides, even after I’ve had them fixed with braces.

Let’s take things over to the glamorous side. Here we have some nice — what look to be — diamond studs. However, these aren’t your usual studs that come out of the earlobes. No, they are, somehow, embedded into the back of the fingers, because we always clench our fists. I don’t know exactly her reasons, or even if this is a female for that matter, but I do know that it probably is one of the strangers yet prettiest photos out of the bunch. You don’t usually see people doing ultra-unique things to their bodies and making themselves look pretty at the same time — that’s not usually the point behind doing it.

If you don’t want to do any bizarre piercing on the ears, nose, lips, cheeks, back of the fingers, or anywhere else on the body, you might prefer getting a concave head. yes, it’s true, there are people out there — or at least one person — who now had an, how shall we say, indent? In their heads when they walk around town today. We have no idea why she would choose to do this.

I know a boy growing up who was a good family friend and his son had a hole in his chest similar to this picture. It was never a sight that was easy on the eyes. His wasn’t done because he wanted it there though — it was more due to compilations with the heart. Some people want different things in life as I mentioned earlier and here’s another example of that.

You have seen some strange things during this post, just like we have — it’s the first for all of us! This one is unique to the group. Do you ever want to know why you can’t see people’s bottom teeth? It’s usually the top teeth that are easy to see when somebody smiles.

Well, this man decided that they would be changing the bottom lip so that his bottom teeth are easily visible. It results in something that I surely would not want to kiss if I was a girl, nor would I be interested in dating it. It’s a result that doesn’t even look human and yet I’m sure he probably knows that. I hope he is still smiling during everybody’s life as much as he is smiling and seems happy during the taking of this photo because as long as he is happy that’s all that counts.

For some people. A traditional tattoo is not enough. No, they want to get ‘inked’ a different way. Tattoos vary in how they are applied around the world. For example, in the United States, they use great technology. While it still hurts, the equipment is quite expensive and is more on the artistic and professional side. Other parts of the world like South East Asia will just almost hammer the skin and engrave a tattoo with certain utensils. The experience is known as a painful one but  I think that’s half the attraction.

We have shown you many changes to the faces, heads in general, the back of the hand, and other parts of the body, but this is the first back modification we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you today. back modifications are unusual land less common because of their complicated nature. For example, you can only imagine how difficult it would be to sit in a car, drive a car, watch TV with your back on a sofa, lie down in bed, and so forth with your back being pulled together by rings. However, that’s exactly what this girl has decided to do. It’s not happening because someone forced it. It’s happening because it’s what she wanted.

Almost like something out of a horror movie, if she pulls or contorts her body in the wrong direction, she will feel it pull and ultimately, potentially, break open the skin in that area. Why any would want to have this on their bodies is beyond me.