The new iPhone 5 has now been unveiled. All leaks were basically true, the iPhone 5 looks very similar if not exactly the same as the leaks that surfaced all around the net. And let’s face it, in today’s day and age it’s very difficult to keep secrets when all it takes is a few seconds of a boss turning their backs for one of thousands and thousand of employees to take a happy snap all be it with their job on the line. The leaked image might’ve supplied a nice web income too just quietly.


Many might be a bit disappointed. There wasn’t really a big bang type of feature like the iPhone 4S had with Siri. Its available in colors White and Black with Aluminum on the back or what Apple calls slate.

iPhone 5

features include a new 4 inch display which is a nice size boost many are enjoying the sounds of. At the same time, it’s not a huge screen like the Galaxy S3 which some feel was a little too big, especially Apple fans they wanted to keep their phones as phones and not be too beefy, so that’s turned out well.

The iPhone 5 is 20% lighter than the previous iPhone which is a nice weight reduction. The question is at what cost. Nowhere during the speech did Tim Cook really speak about battery life which has us all a little scared knowing that weight generally will come from the battery. So less weight the battery life improvement might not be fantastic, however everyone is still expecting it to be better than before. Some brief stats on the battery life include 8 hours browsing time 30 hours talk time and 10 hour video time.

The iPhone 5 is reported as 2 times faster and that’s straight from Tim Cook’s mouth without anyone here or anywhere obviously have done any testing to verify that fact. Speeds aren’t just to do with the hardware either. It will run off the 4G network now instead of the 3G network giving it much faster download speeds for users in most areas of the globe.

The iPhone 5′s main feature might be the fact that it is now officially the worlds thinnest smart phone which is a nice feat.

For social media enthusiasts the new iPhone 5 now has Facebook and twitter native integration meaning you can now upload things like photos directly to Facebook from the app which is something Apple have lacked compared to the competition.

The iPhone 5 camera is said to still be a 8 mega pixel camera which is the same as the iPhone 4S nothing great there but it does have some cool new features integrated into the camera such as the “dynamic low light mode” cam which is pretty self explanatory but will be a great feature for photo fanatics. The camera will have a 2 times better battery performance and also captures photos faster. Faster seems to be key for everything to do with the iPhone 5 so far. Another thing to do with the camera is the new panoramic pictures feature which is something the iPhone never had and was falling behind the competition as it’s already been featured in phones such as the HTC One X for several years already. Still it’s great iPhone have jumped on board. Video quality is also great with 1080p true HD videos supported. A cool feature that combines the photos and videos is that you can now take photos whilst shooting video at the same time. That’s going to be a really great feature for certain things in life-like sports images etc. The front camera is still there but has been developed into a much better version. It’s now 720p and Hd which is great compared to the last one which really wasn’t all that spectacular.

For the voice and speakers specs we have 3 microphones now compared to two in the iPhone 4s. We now have 5 speakers as a pose to 2 in the old iPhone 4s. New ear bud rumors have been circulating for a while and these have neither been confirmed or denied at this point in time.

The new connector is a big focal point also. The old connector lasted around for nearly a decade with the same kind of deal well now that’s all really different. Its 80% smaller now dubbed the
“lightning connector”. The new adapter now has a multiple user interface which lets you swap and change it’s also back to front reversible and all sorts of wacky stuff going on there. The only downside if you haven’t thought of it already is that it’s not compatible with the old iPhone’s. The good news you can buy an extra connector that will let you connect your old iPhone to the new adapter.

They ended they event talking about iOS6. I think we all know about iOS 6 already but we’ll touch on it briefly. A big new feature is the removal of Google maps. many aren’t too happy with this because Google maps was great but Apple have decided to go in their own direction and bring out their own native maps into iOS 6. The other great thing in iOS 6 that hasn’t been previously mentions is the social networking notification new function where you can actually tweet from whatever app you happen to be in at any given time. So they social networking seems to be popping up everywhere heading int the future making all your sharing as easy as possible and hassle free.

Pricing for the iPhone 5 is the same pricing as the iPhone 4s

They did not state whether the iPhone 5 would be available factory unlocked so we are all keeping our eyes and ears open for that one.

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