Alexa is a web information company which ranks websites on the Internet using its algorithm. The Alexa Rank is important for websites, especially for blogs. The blogs reputation is its Alexa Rank and Google PageRank. Here, I will talk about Alexa Rank. On the Internet, there are many tricks available to improve Alexa rank, but some of them work, some not. So, here I am going to give you two ways to improve your Alexa Rank. Before learning how to improve Alexa rank, we have to learn its algorithm, how Alexa ranks websites.


How Alexa Ranks Websites

Alexa Ranks websites using many factors, such as Backlinks to your site, People who visit your site with installed Alexa Toolbar, Alexa Widget and so on. To get better ranking in Alexa, you will have to implement these things correctly on your site.

Alexa Ranking System

Improve Alexa Rank using Alexa Widget

Alexa provides a widget for the site owners to show their Alexa Rank on their site. The Widget automatically updates with the ranking updates and displays the latest rank. By using the widget on your site, Alexa will rank your website using the unique visitors you get, pageviews, etc. Each visitor who clicks on the Alexa widget is counted as a lone vote for your site and will help to get better Alexa Rank. I recommend you to put Alexa Rank widget on all pages of your site to get the maximum benefit of it.


Improve Alexa Rank using Alexa Toolbar

The Alexa Toolbar is another way to improve your Alexa Rank. The toolbar works like a tracer, when someone visits your site with the Alexa Toolbar installed, his visit will be counted in the Alexa database and will help you to get better ranking. First of all, install Alexa Toolbar on your PC and then tell your visitors to install this toolbar, as the visitors will also get benefit from this. Whenever a visitor visits a site with the toolbar installed, he can quickly know the Alexa Rank of that particular site along with lots of the website ranking data.


Improve Alexa Rank using Backlinks

Using backlinks is the most common fact in all the ranking algorithms. The more backlinks you have, the more improved ranking is. Backlinks are the links from other sites to your site. Backlinks help you to get better Alexa Rank as well as Google PageRank. You can get backlinks from other sites by writing guest posts on the sites, commenting on the sites, posting in the forums and so on. There are many other ways available to increase backlinks. But, these are the most used ways and are legitimate, too.


I hope the above tips to Increase Alexa Rank will surely help you to get better rankings.

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