A woman known as Crystal got more than she bargained for when signing up for the new hit craze tinder mobile app. If you didn’t know already, Tinder is the modern-day match-maker application that lets users sign up and see what the computer program pings back as a match with people who meet your criteria. You can choose people in your surrounding area with similar interests for example. What the app can’t do is tell if someone is lying or not, so you are always taking a fairly giant risk when meeting up with people.

Tinder is part of the Silicon Valley craze where start-ups can be worth billions of dollars. You have to wonder how it becomes acceptable to hook up with people who they’d never met before just because the Tinder app told them it was OK. You have to put that one down to a win for the developers.

Below is a picture of the guy that returned as a positive match for crystal who is a member of the app. He looks cute and genuine enough right? Wrong. Minh, I am actually a convicted murderer. More on that after you see his text messages.

Not only do you get to see a picture of the person who is your match but you can start texting them via the chat section too. As you’ll soon find out, people are not always what they seem. here’s the recorded conversation between Minh and Crystal as it happened in real life from the chat section of the Tinder app.

As it turns out, Minh lies to Crystal about just about every detail he could lie about including his age. The profile says 28 years of age when he is really 32. You can see a bunch of other details he said and asked the lovely unexpected woman below. You can see that she isn’t saying much in the chat at this point so he continues to try to make himself sound better just in case she’s losing interest. Unfortunately, it worked.

Luckily for her, she didn’t act on the match right away. In fact, she had not done anything about it for two months. She was then reading the local news when she saw a familiar face. It was Minh, a former tech entrepreneur who is convicted of the murder of the first degree. According to the story he had killed the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. a story that is even more chilling because of the relationship motives.