Photo Editing is a necessary part of almost all the businesses because, in every field, a photo is required with some decent look. From a Photo Studio owner to a blogger, a photo editing software is a must have software for everyone. Adobe Photoshop is a great software to edit photos, add effects, text effects, etc. But, it costs some bucks, and everyone can’t afford to have it. In some conditions, where there is no software available to edit photos, the Aviary comes in handy. Let’s see what Aviary is.


What Is Aviary

Aviary is an excellent online photo editing tool available at free of cost. With many useful features, it can be used as an alternative to Photoshop. Aviary isn’t software; it is a browser-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser and Internet connectivity. You can do almost all the tasks with your photo using this tool. It is not a massive tool; it loads fast even in slow Internet connection. Therefore, it can be employed in Dial-up Internet as well. The usage of this tool is very easy, and any newbies won’t face any problem while using this tool.


How To Use Aviary

Aviary is a simple tool with great features. To use Aviary, Go to from your web browser. There, you can upload a photo from your computer, or you can paste the URL of the photo. The photo then will be displayed on the screen with some tools on the right side. The editing tools include Sharpen, Whiten, Rotate, Flip, Resize, Crop, Redeye, Blemish, Colors, Saturation, Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Drawing, Text, Stickers. These features will help you make your photo right looking. Besides these features, it provides some other great features for accurate photo editing, such as Effects Editor tool. You can use Aviary by going to its site, and it also provides the Extensions for most modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. You can also use Aviary Bookmarklet if your browser doesn’t have the extension. With the bookmarklet, you just need to press the bookmarklet when you reach your desired page. It will take a screenshot of that page and then lets you edit it. It will make your screenshot editing much faster than before.


Download: Aviary

I hope the above site will help you in giving a special touch to your digital photos.

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