If you fancy yourself as a bit of a warrior against the undead and protector of the human race then this is definitely the game for you. Zombonic, created by the talented Eric Hill, provides you with hours of entertainment while you tilt and blast your way through the masses of zombies hell-bent on having you as the main course.

This Zombie “shoot ‘em up” is very simple to use; simply tilt left or right to turn your champion a full 360 degrees and tap on your enemy to take them out. But don’t let this fool you, just because it is simple to use doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. It takes a mixture of speed and accuracy to take out the zombies before they take you out, and when you have them sneaking up behind your back this is no easy feat.

Every time you take out a zombie you earn points and your points increase the longer you manage to keep yourself alive. Makes sense. Now and then you will be lucky enough to kill a zombie that will drop a pickup that you can tap to collect. These do not only give you more points but also provide you with a random effect on your hero.

The graphics are good; if anything slightly gruesome. But let’s face it when you’re downloading a zombie-killing game you want a little bit of gruesome. I’ll warn you now, this game is addictive and even after playing it for a week straight I still get a fright when a zombie manages to sneak up on me and starts chomping on my neck.

Zombonic is available now for both Android and iOS devices at a very reasonable price of $0.99. There is also a lite version of the App but it contains those pesky ads.

Zombonic for iOS

Zombonic for Android