Our most loved Mozilla Firefox browser’s version 11 is out now, and you can download it from the official Mozilla website. With every new release of the browser, Mozilla has brought new features as well as fixed the bugs which were reported by the users. There are some revamped features, too, and new capabilities have been added to increase the convenience of using the browser and to make the tasks much faster than ever.


Mozilla Firefox 11 now allows you to migrate almost all kind of things from Google Chrome browser. It means, if you are migrating from Chrome to Firefox, then this feature is surely going to help you in making the process of migration easier for you. With the ability to migrate cookies, history, and bookmarks, you will have all the things inside your new Firefox when you say goodbye to the Chrome.


There is another noticeable feature packed in this version of Firefox, is the capability of syncing Firefox extensions across multiple computers you own. You can use this feature if you have got multiple computers, you just need to install extensions on either of the computers, and when you enable the syncing, it will become available on the other computers. Therefore, it saves your time doing the same task on each computer you have; it is an ideal feature if you are working at the office on multiple computers.

How can we forget the developers who keep the web alive by creating stunning websites? Well, for the developers, Mozilla has added some new tools that will help them in developing the web a way better than what they used to do. It now supports the CSS text site property and some of the HTML 5 elements. Therefore, it has now become easier for the developers to check their site in this browser before putting it online.


Mozilla Firefox 11 is available for download for free (apparently), and you can get it using the link given below, it takes you to the official Mozilla Download site.

Download: Mozilla Firefox 11

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