SuperSUMagisk used to be the most popular method for getting root access—many one-click rooting tools such as CF-Auto-Root were always only ever finding a way to get SuperSU installed appropriately so it could give root permissions to apps as intended. But ever since Android released SafetyNet, SuperSU was not nearly as desirable to use anymore. This is because any apps that SafetyNet did not want running with root access were not able to run with SuperSU installed. With Magisk, things are slightly different. SafetyNet still works and will not allow apps such as Android Pay to run with root access, but unlike SuperSU, Magisk offers a simple button for turning root on and off.

Download Magisk for Android 8.0

Use the links below to download the versions of Magisk that work with Android 8.0:

Note: Use the latest version possible. And if that does not work, downgrade to the one previous until one works for your device.

How to Install Magisk

There are two general methods for installing Magisk. Most people install it via the TWRP custom recovery image. However, there is also a method to install Magisk without TWRP.