MagiskWhen Android 7.0 was released, you would be forgiven for thinking rooting the operating system was coming to an end since SuperSU could no longer allow people to have root access and conviently still use apps like Android Pay. However, it ended up being the birth of arguably the most impressive rooting method of all not just because it allows you to toggle on and off root access but because of its long list of modules that can be installed that allow for more custmization than ever before.

Download Magisk for Android 12

Use the links below to download the versions of Magisk that work with Android 12:

Note: Use the latest version possible. And if that does not work, downgrade to the one previous until one works for your device.

How to Install Magisk

There are two general methods for installing Magisk. Most people install it via the TWRP custom recovery image. However, there is also a method to install Magisk without TWRP.