If you are using any of our guides using a Huawei smartphone and are wanting to connect to a computer, you will probably won’t to install the Huawei drivers. The USB Drivers help any device that connects to a computer via a USB port be picked up and detected on the computer by the programs it is running.

Driver recognition is important to get your programs on the computer like flashing tools and fastboot to detect your device on the computer. Essentially, the driver is acting as the middle man in connecting all your things. Thankfully, installing a device driver on a computer is a really easy task, even though many guides on the web suggest definitely.

Huawei Honor 6

With the Huawei USB Drivers in this guide, all you need to do is right-click the file when it’s on the desktop and extract the package like you would any other. From there, just run the .exe script and it will automatically take over and install the rest.

Anyone wanting to use the universal ADB Driver instead can do the same thing: extract the universal ADB Driver to the desktop and run the .exe file to finish the installation.

USB Drivers are only for installing on computer that is running Windows operating systems. Most how-to guides you will find online and on our website regarding Huawei devices will require a Windows PC, so that works out well.


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