In an attempt to remain solvent, we have had to remove the Huawei firmware files from our servers. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Here we will try to help direct you to other sources that may be of assistance to your searches. We did have competitors that would offer many of the same files, only hosted on their own servers. However, we don’t know any of our competitors personally, thus we can’t say for certain where you can download the firmware files reliably.

You may also find free firmware update tools depending on your manufacturer. We know many of them that exist for Samsung, but we don’t know if they exist for Huawei. You can open a thread on the XDA Developers forum and ask the developers if they have any information regarding Huawei firmware update tools capable of downloading the firmware files directly from Huawei’s servers.

If you were hoping to install firmware for troubleshooting purposes, you may wish to try hard resetting the device in question instead.

Sorry for the inconvenience.