The HTC Desire 10 Pro smartphone is running on the Android operating system, and it can be connected to the computer if you want it to be by using the USB cable. The HTC smartphones connect to all computers, but if it’s a computer that is running on a version of the Windows operating system that you want, then you need to have the right OEM USB Drivers installed on the computer.

The OEM USB Drivers are all packaged into the one file by a developer named Koushik Dutta when you install the Universal Windows ADB Driver. Each of the main OEMs in the world has their USB Driver packages included in this one file so you can have your HTC USB Drivers and your friend can have his LG USB Drivers and all you bot have to do to get them is install the same Universal Windows ADB Driver.

HTC Desire 10 Pro

Once you do have the ADB Driver installed on the computer you can keep it there forever and it is all you need to have the HTC Desire 10 Pro USB Drivers installed.

Downloading the Download HTC Desire 10 Pro USB Drivers for Windows PCs

1. Download the Universal Windows ADB Driver on the computer and then click on the file once the download completes.

2. Disconnect the HTC Desire 10 Pro smartphone from the computer before getting started with the ADB Driver setup wizard.

3. Click on the Next button when you know the device is not connected to the computer and you are ready to click on the Next button.


4. Click on the Browse button and then choose where you want the file to be stored on the computer. Alternatively, you can keep it in the default folder location that it has already chosen.

5. Choose to keep the file available for your account only by clicking the box for Just Me and keep it set to Everyone if you would prefer sharing the driver file between all accounts on the computer so others can use it.

6. Click on the Next button at the bottom to continue.


7. Click on the Next button at the bottom to confirm the installation of the ADB Driver on the computer.


8. Wait until the blue progress bar reaches the other side of the screen.


9. Click on the Close button when you get to the Installation Complete page.


In conclusion, that is how to download and install the HTC Desire 10 Pro USB Drivers on the Windows computer with the help from the Universal ADB Driver. You can connect your HTC Desire 10 Pro smartphone to the computer with the USB cable now and expect the USB Drivers to be working automatically for developing and the transferring of data.