HP USB drivers are available to download and install USB drivers on your PC. USB drivers are very useful for your PC because without this your PC will not detect your phone when connected to the Windows computer. That you won’t be able to sync any data to your phone. USB drivers are also useful when you want to do some custom actions with your phone like rooting or customizing.

Some tools are very useful to flash stock or custom ROMs to your phone, but they will only work when they can detect your phone. Furthermore, they can only detect your phone when you have these USB drivers installed on your PC.

HP Slate 17

USB drivers are also useful when you want to manage your phone using a PC suite or some other software similar. These software versions also need USB drivers to be installed on you PC, so get the from below and install them on your Windows PC. If you already have USB drivers installed on your PC, and still your PC is not detecting your phone, then you should uninstall those drivers and install the latest one from the link at the bottom of the page. If that still doesn’t work, try rebooting the computer. Sometimes the computers require a reboot to get them working properly. Installing them only once should do the trick, though.

Given below is the list of all supported devices for this USB driver, if you can’t find your device here, then don’t worry, just download and install the one provided below that might help you in this situation:

List of compatible HP devices

  • HP Slate 17
  • HP Slate 10 HD
  • HP Slate 8 pro
  • HP Slate 7 Voice Tab
  • HP Slate 7 Extreme
  • HP Slate 7 plus
  • HP Slate 7
  • HP Slate 6 Voice Tab 2
  • HP Slate 6 Voice Tab
  • HP Pro Slate 12
  • HP Pro Slate 10 EE G1
  • HP Pro Slate 8
  • HP 10 Plus
  • HP 8
  • HP 7 Voice Tab
  • HP 7 Plus

To install a USB driver on your PC you just have to double-click the setup file you have to download from here. Then you will be provided with the license and terms. After accepting the terms and agreements, you will have to go to “Next > Next > Next and Finish”. There you go! You have installed your phone’s USB drivers on your PC easily.

Download HP USB drivers from here.

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