Recently, Google launched its Chrome web browser’s stable release. Before it was in Dev mode, and now it’s available for everyone to download. Google has improved security in the Chrome 12 release and has added some new features as well. The stable version of the Chrome browser is a big release of web browser after Mozilla Firefox 5 beta release.

Here are some of the new and revamped features of Google Chrome 12 Stable Release.


Hardware Accelerated CSS: This lets your hardware process the CSS files, thus improving the visual experience of CSS in your web browser.

Safe Browsing Protection: This feature protects your computer from being downloading malicious files that may harm your computer. It will warn you when you download any suspicious file.


Flash Cookie Delete: Adobe Flash Player saves its cookies in separate place, not in browser cookie place. So, it wasn’t possible to delete those cookies directly from browser. This new feature lets you remove Flash cookies directly from your browser.


These are the new main features of Google Chrome 12. It includes some other features, such as Launching Apps by name from the Omnibox, Integrated Sync, Improved Screen Reader, etc.

You can download this latest release from Google Chrome Website.

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