GO Launcher HD is now available for Android tablet devices to download. GO Launcher was primarily created for the Android devices to enhance the usage of the same and to provide additional functionality. For example, using GO Launcher EX on your Android Device, you could easily change the themes and can get the theme packages especially developed for this app. This way, you don’t have to play with any files manually, and you can install/uninstall various kinds of utilities with a single tap.

With the launch of GO Launcher HD for Tablet devices, the fortunate owners of such tablets will be glad as they can now use the HD – High Definition version of the app on their tablets, which looks crisp even on those high-resolution tablet devices. As of this writing, the latest version of GO Launcher is Beta 2 which has been improved and have fixed some of the errors which used to occur in the previous Beta version of the same.


In the Beta 2 version, GO has added a few more tablet devices which can now support the installation of this app. Along with it, in the previous version, when you need to change the screens, you had to reboot your device. It has been solved in this release and now you don’t need to reboot each time you choose a new screen. You were also not able to delete icons in folders, so this version has fixed it, too.


To talk about the features of the GO Launcher HD app we can apply the following. The dock bar now supports the dragging, which means you can now drag and drop your favorite app on the dock bar as you usually do on your PC. You can add screens and delete them as well if you don’t like them. The apps will now easily be organized as the app will automatically put them in their specific folders. With multitasking, you can check the apps running in the background and can clear them all at one go.


You should know that GO Launcher HD works on devices which run Android 3.0 or up versions, as those are the ones having a high resolution to correlate with the HD version of this app. Sometimes, you may get confused with using this app, so here are some of the tips that will make your operations on this app easy.


To add icons or widgets on the home screen, press and hold the screen for a while and you will see a menu appearing, just choose the particular action you want to perform. Sometimes, you may need to create folders for the apps; it can do by tapping New Folder on the action bar, and the new folder will be ready in front of you.

Download: GO Launcher HD for Tablets

Use the above link to download the APK file of the App and then move it to your device and install it. After that, launch it from the Menu and you will be able to use the app at its best.

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