USB drivers are very useful and necessary for every Dell smartphone or tablet user to install it on the PC so one can easily sync the data from the PC to the device. If you are facing any difficulty syncing your data from PC to your Dell phone, or your PC is not detecting our phone, then you should also have to install USB drivers on your device to your PC. Doing so means you don’t have any problem syncing your data from your PC to your phone.

USB drivers often come as an executable setup file and to install it on your PC you just need to double-click the setup file. From there, you will be presented with a setup window with license and some other instructions. Read them and follow the installation instructions to complete the task. Wait for some time and your USB drivers will get installed automatically. Finally, click on the finish button to finalize and exit the installer. If you already have installed USB drivers previously and still your PC is not detecting your phone, then you should uninstall the previous USB drivers first and install the one provided here with the instructions I told you above. This will definitely fix the problem you are facing.

Dell Venue 8

Correspondingly, if you did use our link and you still don’t find your device is connecting successfully to a Windows PC, reboot the computer and try again. Sometimes the PCs require a reboot to get the drivers working.

There are some precautions you should take before installing the USB drivers for your PC. Some versions of antivirus detect these USB drivers as a ‘virus’ and interrupt the installation process. Therefore, it’s better to disable any antivirus installed on your PC during the installation so it will not interrupt the installation process and you will get what you want.

All the supported Dell smartphones are listed below. If you can’t find your phone here, don’t panic, just download the USB drivers, this might work with your phone:

Compatible Dell devices for the USB drivers:

  • Dell XCD 35
  • Dell XCD 28
  • Dell Venue 10 7000
  • Dell Venue 8 7000
  • Dell 8
  • Dell 7 8GB
  • Dell 7
  • Dell Venue
  • Dell 10 Pro
  • Dell 7 Wi Fi
  • Dell 7 Streak
  • Dell Smoke
  • Dell Mini 3iX
  • Dell Flash
  • Dell Aero
  • Dell Streak 7

Download the USB drivers from this this link and install them on your PC.

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