This is what you need to download the BLU stock ROMs for all BLU mobile devices.

Flashing stock ROMs can help you update to newer or older versions of Android, fix bugs, unbrick the mobile devices, remove root access and custom recovery images, so forth.

The BLU stock ROMs that you find here in this guide are no different to the ROMs that you get as over the air updates. The only difference is that you are flashing the files manually yourself whereas an automatic OTA update would download the files for you using the internet connection.

Any OTA updates that may have arrived for your BLU mobile device will become available to you if it is a newer version of Android compared to the version you are flashing here, and you’ll be able to accept and install them, as you would usually expect, when they become available too.

Each mobile device carrier network usually has their own stock ROMs for their specific model numbers. You should always flash the stock ROM that is made for your carrier network if your device is still locked to that carrier. On the other hand, if your device is unlocked from the carrier, then you can install the stock ROMs intended for other carrier networks just fine. If the stock ROMs are not labeled as for any carrier network on the page, then it’s because it is an unbranded stock ROM, meaning you can install it on any device with the same name, no matter the carrier network.

What not to do with stock ROMs: don’t ever flash a stock ROM that was made for another device. It won’t work and it’ll soft-brick your device until you manage to get the correct ROM flashed again.

Download BLU Stock ROMs (Firmwares) for All Devices

Android 7.0 Blu Stock ROM Links

Android 6.0 Blue Stock ROMs

Android 5.1 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 5.0.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 5.0.1 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 5.0 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.4.4 Blue Stock ROMs

Android 4.4.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.4 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.2.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.2.1 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.1.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.0 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 4.0.4 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 2.3 Blu Stock ROMs

Android 2.2 Blu Stock ROMs

Although we always do our best to make sure all external sources are safe, it’s safe practice to view the WOT reputation and VirusTotal scan results before downloading links to your computer.

How to Flash a Stock ROM Using the SP Flash Tool

1. Download and install the Android USB Drivers for your manufacturer on the Windows PC if you don’t have them installed already.

2. Turn off the mobile device by holding the Power button in until the screen turns off.

3. Download the ROM that you want to be flashed on the mobile device so that the file is on the same computer as the flash tool and then extract the file.

4. Download and extract the SP Flash Tool file on your computer.

5. Look for the flashtool.exe file from inside the extracted folder and double-click the mouse pointer on it to open it up.

6. You should find the SP Flash Tool is now open on your computer’s display. Click on the “Download” tab at the top of the flash tool’s interface.

7. Click on the “Scatter-loading” button located in the top right corner of the flash tool’s interface.

8. Open the stock ROM folder that you extracted earlier and upload the scatter-file.

9. Click on the “Download” button that has a green arrow, close to the top-left corner of the flash tool’s interface.

10. Connect the USB cable to the smartphone and then the smartphone to the computer with the other end of the USB cable.

11. Press one of the Volume buttons so your computer can detect the smartphone.

12. The ROM flashing will automatically begin once the file is uploaded. Wait for the big green tick to let you know that the flashing is complete.

13. You may now close the SP Flash Tool by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner of the interface and disconnect your mobile device from the computer.

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