The Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt are places of importance to system administrators. Both the PowerShell and Command Prompt are places where administrators can run commands in a command line to help carry out administrative tasks.

There are also many differences between the PowerShell and Command Prompt. For example, you can run a range of different commands from both tools to do contrasting things on the Windows operating system.

One of the menus that people using Windows 10 have to use is the Windows logo key + X for getting quicker access to links that helps with management, configuration, and other tools that are helpful to the power user.

By default, this Win+X Quick Link menu shows the Command Prompt so people can run commands from the command line. Depending on what you like to do most on your version of the Windows 10 operating system, you might prefer swapping over the Command Prompt links from the Windows logo + X key menu for the Windows PowerShell links instead.

Switching Command Prompt for Windows PowerShell

1. If you click on Windows logo key + X or right-click on the Start button found in the taskbar, you will see a menu open up. Roughly in the middle of that menu is where the Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) options are available. Those are what are about to get swapped over for the PowerShell alternatives.

2. Head to the Start > Settings gear icon from the Start menu’s left pane.

3. Click on the Personalization button from the Windows Settings menu.

4. Click on the Taskbar link in the left pane to bring up all the things that are available for the taskbar that you can tweak.

5. Toggle the option for the Replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when I right-click the Start button or press the Windows+X key to the on position.

6. Now when you right-click on the Start button or press the Windows logo key + X keys on the keyboard, the Quick Links menu shows the Windows PowerShell and Windows PowerShell (Admin) option instead of the Command Prompt that it used to show.

Both the PowerShell and Command Prompt are powerful tools that power users often use to perform various tasks within the Windows 10 operating system. Choosing the right one to show from your Quick Links menu will help make you browse the Windows operating system more efficiently than the experience that Windows was able to give to you by default.

Programs and Features/Apps and Features

Depending on what version of Windows 10 you are running, you can have the Quick Links fly-out either give you the Programs and Features or the Apps and Features link at the top of the menu. The chance started with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 and was announced by Dona Sarker on Twitter.

It isn’t understood if all computers received that update or just some received the update because computers are running on builds such as 1607 that now have the “Programs and Features” link back again.