A custom ROM will give your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device aftermarket firmware. There are many reasons why jumping on aftermarket firmware is an attractive option for people. Some of us just want to look at something different, and more importantly, something that did not come with our devices when they were pumped out of the factory. Others have practical reasons for wanting to change over to a custom ROM from the stock ROM, like needing certain features that make sense for them to use during their daily lives. Without question, one of the most popular reasons to install any of these custom ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for T-Mobile subscribers is the ability to remove the stock apps and use a new ROM that is lightning fast instead.

Here is the list of the best custom ROMs available for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for you to enjoy today:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Deathstalker Note 5:

Deathstalker Note 5 is a stock Galaxy Note 5 based custom ROM with about a ton of features. This custom ROM is pre-rooted and deodexed for better performance and customization. This custom ROM is a super fast and stable custom ROM for the Galaxy Note 5 with a good deal of features you will want on your device. With the AROMA installer, you can select which mod or feature to install and which one to skip.

Features: Aroma Installer support, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, multi carrier support, rooted, zip aligned, deodexed, busy box, SuperSU, WiFi calling, MMS over WiFi, init.d support, KNOX free, data/app support, multi user support, potato clock mod, working private mode, no increase volume, contacts and apps edge, native call recording, Bluetooth tethering enabled, AROMA menu, EFS restore and backup, select phone model from AROMA installer.

Download: Deathstalker Note 5 ROM

N5 Express 1.5:

The N5 1.5 Express is a Note 5 stock-based custom ROM with no bloatware left in it like T-Mobile branding and unusual Samsung apps. The N5 Express custom ROM is added to the basic Samsung apps which are useful for users. The Theme Store and Theme Chooser are removed from the ROM. Instead, they have installed the Samsung Gear Manager and Dolby sound is added. All the Samsung apps those are installed in this custom ROM are updated with the latest build.

Features: Android 5.1 Lollipop based, Dolby sound, updates Samsung system apps, installed Samsung Gear manager, side sync, Samsung latest browser installed, Samsung push service, S Health, beaming service, ANT Radio service, Ant+ plugin service, viper4Android, removed T-Mobile all branding, prompt to exit browser, enable call recording, 5 way reboot menu.

Download: N5 Express 1.5 ROM

Hyperdrive RLS5:

The Hyperdrive custom ROM is the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Note 5 stock ROM. The custom ROM comes with lots of customizing options, and is a custom ROM with more customizing options ever for the Galaxy Note 5. With this custom ROM, you can customize every inch of your smart phone. This custom ROM has two system UI available — one with the rounded notification bar edge and recent apps cards.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, WiFi calling, deodexed, debloated, rooted, busybox, init.d support, zip aligned, KNOX free, Hyperdrive Tweaks 4.0, Hyperdrive OTA, debloated, 27 quick panel setting toggles, unlock tethering provisions, unlocked tethering provisions, muted boot sound, fully disabled signature, secure storage set to false, data/app support, build.prop tweaks.

Download: Hyperdrive RLS5 ROM

fOrEvErLoCo’s BrEaKdOwN R3.0.1:

The Forever Loco Breakdown custom ROM is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware with TouchWiz UI and Samsung apps and features. The Forever Loco Breakdown custom ROM is filled with lots of new and useful apps for more productivity and features. You will also get some more customization and performance tweaking options in this custom ROM.

Features: Built from stock Samsung Android 5.0.1 Lollipop ROM, zip align, deodexed, T-Mobile bloat removed from left visual vm, signature verification disabled, sound options in power menu, 5 way reboot menu, KNOX version in settings set to unknown=none, signature verification disabled, call/mms block in settings, call button in log, call record, save/ restore messages in MMS, camera during the call.

Download: fOrEvErLoCo’s BrEaKdoWn R33.0.1 ROM

Rapture v1.1:

The Rapture ROM does not come with any custom kernel, so you won’t experience any stability or performance problem on your phone. The Rapture version 1.1 custom ROM is also the Galaxy Note 5 stock ROM based custom ROM with lots of tweaks added be the developer. To make this custom ROM more faster and smoother, developer had removed the KNOX from this ROM.

Features: Based on Android 5.1.1 Touch Wiz, rooted, deodexed, Busy Box, Privacy Mode fully working, pin lock fully working, misc tweaks, battery tweaks, zip aligned, enabled copy to dialer, T-Mobile bloat removed, added ability to edit apn’s, KNOX removed, SDcard r/w fix, build.prop tweaks, no boot sound, camera during call, apps ops via Settings, Ad-Away via settings, SuperUser via the Settings.

Download: Rapture v1.1 ROM

TEKXodus N5-S6Edge+ Port:

If you want those premium features from the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then install this custom ROM. You will also get the S6 Edge Plus’s features like the Edge Contacts and Edge apps. There are a lot more features from Galaxy S6 Edge plus are added in this custom ROM.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, rooted, deodexed, KNOX free, WiFi calling fully operational, Adaway, 3 minit battery mod, save and restore text messages, aggressive GPS LOCK integration, Viper4Android added, 300+ fonts, No SIM alert removed, stability fix, build.prop MODS, 2.5x animation scales mod.

Download: TEKXodus N5-S6Edge+ Port ROM

Dr. Ketan ROM:

Dr. Ketan custom ROMs are popular with in lots of Samsung smart phone XDA forums like Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3. As usual, this custom ROM is also stable, smooth and fast with lots of options to customize for each part of the ROM.

Features: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop based, Ad free, multi DPI, 300 fonts, power menu 5 way reboot mod with sound mode, 22 quick panel toggles,CSC features, camera hack, use camera with flash at low battery, split view toggle, priority sender, scheduled message, center clock option, NFC hack with screen off (ROM control).

Download: Dr. Ketan ROM