When it comes to media and taking photos, few countries would do it as well as the United States of America. They are the ones who have the famous fruit company (Apple) which started smartphones in 2007. Since then smartphones are responsible for a lot of the pictures we take. Those same Americans also enjoy a good laugh, coupled with statue landmarks. In fact, if you were to go on a tour around the United States, you would see many different statues across the different states. Even Hawaii has many that I’ve personally seen myself like the Duke statue just out the front of Honolulu and Waikiki. What am I getting at here? Well, when we put statues, have a great sense of humor, and take pictures together, we can give you this post about people seeing statues and feeling like they needed to take epic ‘selfies.’

With all the uproar lately about the police not giving fair treatment, we think that a girl giving the policeman a kiss is a good start. However, the closest thing we could find to that was this postman wearing a hat that looks similar to a police hat kneeling down waiting for his daughter’s cuddle. That sounds like a cute pose, doesn’t it? Well, it is but things take a funny twist when the selfie girl sneaks in between them, put one hand out on the little girls face as if to push her away while she kisses the postman.

From cute postmen waiting for daughters with arms out to a moose that has a human trying to get underneath it, that’s the discrepancy between these two posts. In fairness, we have no idea what this young man is trying to achieve with this pose, but it’s still funny none-the-less. The Moose is the largest animal from the deer family, but not many people get the pleasure of meeting one unless you are away from the city outskirts and heading toward the country. Even then there’s a lot of lands out there uninhabited by the Moose. Maybe that explains why this guy has no idea how to act around this friendly giant.

If you are into the Formula One racing, then you would know a thing or two about champagne bottles and spray them around. Apparently, people also like to do that just for fun (if a camera is on them or else it would be wasting too much money). Here is another American sitting on the Eagle statue with two bottles of corked drinks going off in the air. It’s a great photograph with the liquid going up in the air. We sense some decent photography skills from the person behind the lens. Wen things get this technical you rely on shutter speed and things like that,

One thing that really boosts the North American economy is movies coming out of Hollywood. In recent times it’s the superheroes from Marvel such as The Avengers who have made it to the big screen and they have been really popular movies. Spiderman movies were also popular over the last decade or so. Here is a Spiderman statue with a guy who has cleverly dressed up as Benjamin Franklin. Wait, or is the other way around?

Most recreational parks are filled with play equipment for kids to play on and even some adults sometimes so long as they aren’t too heavy to break it. Generally, you’ll find a swing that’s for the kids and a larger one that will hold the weight of adults and so on. But what if the park you are in right now doesn’t have play equipment. What if they filled it with statues instead? That seems to be the dilemma this group face. We think they are managing to have about as much fun with statues as humanly possible.

Here is a life-like statue of an unidentified man who is in a great color. It’s almost hard to tell that he isn’t real; his pants are denim blue just like real jeans but who doubt a real man could lean over like that for very long. From what we can see, the woman who is giving the statue of the man a hug is real, and the guy walking past is also real. We assume that guy on the far right, and the girl hugging the statue are a couple walking past. Now they have gotten very creative, and the guy has decided to try to get away with the fake briefcase that belongs to the statue while his girl hugs the man. Who thinks of these things?

The next picture involving a bear with its arms out is my favorite of all. If you look at the bear’s facial expression during this pose, it looks like it’s worked up and not in a friendly mood. Still, this girl has managed to completely adapt the mood of the moment by putting herself in the bear’s arms completely suspend above the ground. Now the bear has gone from villain to hero and looks like he is super-bear helping out the girl. She gets extra votes because her back is surely going to be sore in the morning after contorting it that way.

The cutest picture of a person with a statue goes to this very young girl who is so young it’s almost surprising she can walk. She’s not yet old enough to be out of a diaper, and yet she is waltzing with this statue as if they are a part of the dancing with the stars TV show! No doubt the mother of father put her up to this, but still, it’s very impressive that she is dancing.

The most creative — and arguably self-sacrificing — statue pose award goes to this man who has come across a statue of a man that’s at least 12 feet tall. It’s a big statue, and it also has it’s arms out in front. It doesn’t take lots of creativity to think of putting something in the hands right? True. But what this man does it far better. He puts himself into the arms of the statue, and what;s more impressive, is that he manages to suspend himself above the ground. Don’t worry, there is no weight on his neck, but rather he is pulling himself up effortlessly with his arms so that it looks real.