Google Chrome is a useful browser which hasn’t built just for browsing; it has lots more to do with it. Qr Code Creator is an extension available in the Google Chrome web store which allows you to create QR codes within your browser, no need to use any other software.

QR Code Creator lets you create QR codes for any text, URL. Any QR code reader can read These codes, nowadays, most of the smartphones support the QR code reader app. Once you scan the code on your smartphone, you will be able to see the data it comprises. Since it is an extension for Google Chrome, you won’t be needing any setup file to install or to do such other things which usually should be done with other software.


Just go to the download page of the QR Code Creator and click Add to Chrome button. Now, the download will begin. It will take few seconds to complete the download. As soon as the download completes, you will be able to see its icon in any blank tab in Chrome. Just click on the icon and it will lead you to the QR code site where you can create the codes.


Once the site loads, you will see a text box, in which you have to enter the data which you want to embed in the QR code. For example, you can write just Hello World and the QR code will instantly appear just right side of it. It is an Ajax-based site, thus no need to click on any button and wait for the code to appear. It makes the QR code creation process faster as it doesn’t require a button to be clicked, just type the text and get the code immediately.


Beside the code creation, you can download that QR code, too. Just below the code, you will find an option saying Download Image that will let you download the image for later use. If you want to use the code on your site—say you want to embed it on your site—then you can do so by just clicking the Get Permalink button. It provides you the short link to the QR code which you can use anywhere, and since the short link is created with URL shortener, you can see its Analytics.

Download: QR Code Creator for Google Chrome

This extension is useful for the users who have smartphones with QR reader app, so you can get to any site just by scanning the code.

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